Smudging is an ancient art, practiced for thousands of years by many cultures. In today’s modern world, white sage can be burnt to ease emotional trauma, provide stress relief and act as a tool for meditation.

Sage comes from the Latin word ‘Salvia’, which means to ‘heal’. It is considered a sacred, cleansing plant that balances the energy around us, cleanses and renews objects, and helps restore balance within us.

The tradition of burning botanicals is used to enhance rituals, ceremonies, blessings and prayers. The scented smoke of White Sage can assist with purification, protection, setting boundaries, removing negativity and invoking a deeper spiritual connection.

  1. Cut or unwind the wire from the bundle, remove the selenite log and intuitively chosen crystal, please  place these in a space in your home that feels good to you, as well as removing the botanical bouquet.
  2. Open a window or a door, all negative energy needs an exit point.
  3. Get your tools ready. A candle for lighting your sage and a heatproof dish (ceramic bowl or abalone shells are ideal) to collect embers and stub out.
  4. Hold the smudge stick over the candle flame, wait till it ignites, then carefully blow out the flames and activate the sacred smoke.
  5. Hold over your heatproof smudging bowl, cleanse yourself, your space, items, anything you wish, being mindful of your thoughts and setting clear intentions.
  6. Extinguish carefully, stub out into a heatproof dish.

Have fun with smudging, make this ritual your own and bring this practice into your life in your own way. 


Respectfully and sustainably harvested hand rolled Californian White Sage, seasonal dried flowers bouquet, selenite log and intuitively chosen crystal.