Coco Bowl and Wooden Dough Bowl Care

At Wolf and Rayne we take candles very seriously. This includes safety.

Our Coco Bowls and Wooden Dough Bowls are natural products and therefore are NOT naturally fireproof. Previously we relied heavily on the users own caution, but have decided to bring in some extra measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when using your coco bowls.

Our latest safety features include

🜂 treating all Coco Bowls and Dough Bowls with a CSIRO tested fire retardant
🜃 adding a metal crimp on the wicks to prevent the flame from burning lower than the safe zone, once you see the crimps appear through the top of the wax, please do not try to burn past this point. This is for a safe level of wax to remain in the bowl to prevent overheating.


Please follow these instructions carefully when using your Coco Bowl or Wooden Dough Bowl.

  1. Place your Coco Bowl on a non-flammable plate (such as a slate coaster or ceramic saucer) before lighting. DO NOT place your candle directly onto or near flammable or heat sensitive surfaces such as glass or wooden furniture as the Coco Bowl will get hot and may cause damage.
  2. To prevent fire, serious injury or accidents, always burn your candle within sight and never leave it unattended.
  3. Once the metal stopper has exposed itself through the wax, this indicates your candle has reached its safe end. Please DO NOT try to burn the wick past this point.


  1. Keep your candle out of reach of children and pets.
  2. Only light your candle in ventilated areas that have zero wind or draughts. Draughts can cause the flame to burn to one side and prolonged exposure could potentially cause the natural vessels to catch alight.
  3. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!! trim the wick to 4-6mm before lighting. No need for fancy utensils that cost a fortune, just snap it with ya fingers, trim it with your kitchen scissors, whatever.
  4. Ensure the candle is free from debris and foreign objects before lighting, including anyyyyyy florals and crystals that are decorative, you can place to the side and when extinguished, place your decorations back on top. 
  5. DO NOT try to move the candle after it is lit (and just to be very clear) OR when you have extinguished but the wax is still melted)
  6. Only use your candle for a maximum period of 3 hours at a time to prevent overheating. 
  7. Extinguish the flame fully before leaving the room and wait until any smoke subsides and then double check to ensure the candle is out. The most effective way to extinguish your candle and prevent soot is to gently push the wick into the wax to extinguish flame and the return it to standing.
  8. Use common sense at all times (the same way you would with any potentially dangerous items). Do not be complacent with your candle, it is an open flame and does need to be treated as a potential hazard.